About ProSorbents

Our mission is to be the absolute best in the industry demonstrating our total quality commitment in “customer service”, “quality of product”, and “on time delivery”. Demostrating our integrity and reliability as the “go to people” to get it done right and delivered on time. Based on this dedication to a “ProQuality” attitude, we identify our products with the prefix “Pro”.

Originally opened in 1996 as Supply Pro, Inc., supplying the industry with the necessary safety supplies to protect those people cleaning hazards spills and helping to provide them with the proper equipment for the safe removal of hazardous materials.

Dissatisfied with the quality of product being provided by outside venders, Supply Pro, Inc. took advantage of an opportunity to purchase our own meltblown line. By doing so, we were no longer at the mercy of suppliers telling us what they perceived as a good quality product. We then hired a person, whom we conceive to be the foremost expert in this field, and moved forward to produce one of the finest meltblown Non-Woven product lines in the industry.

We are continually implementing the “Lean Manufacturing Process”. We use “Kaizen” and “Kanban” philosophies to better improve our reliability, performance and cost effective manufacturing. Others may recognize this as the “Toyota Production System”.

We are currently putting in place a new Non-Woven natural fiber production line for the manufacture of “green”, environmentally friendly, absorbent products. These products will be made from reprocessed fibers and used in place of the Polypropylene pads where an all natural product is desired.

Over the past few years, because of our dedication to a quality product line, Supply Pro’s products have become the desired product in the industry. Due to the increased dedication of our distributors, the growing desire of new partnerships, our deliberate professionalism toward the quality of our product, customer service, and on time delivery, we are operating under “ProSorbents”, YOUR “Professional Sorbents” Supplier.